Information & posters

Use the information below to stay informed and help your secondary school become SunSmart.

Further information which may be relevant is available on the Parents & Carers and Sports pages.

Posters & signs

Protect your skin from UV poster

Protect your skin from UV: secondary school poster

Download and print or order hard copies of this new A3 poster.

Sun protection poster

Download and print. Display daily sun protection times on this poster using the information from our free SunSmart app.

SunSmart and the Ottawa Charter

Download and print this poster for a visual representation of how SunSmart’s work reflects the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion’s action areas. This poster will assist with teaching the VCE Health and Human Development (2018-2022) Unit 3, Area of Study 2 topic of health promotion and the Ottawa Charter, using skin cancer as an example.

Skin cancer facts and stats

Download and print. A handy visual representation of skin cancer facts and stats. Use it as a teaching resource discussion prompt or as a display for your school’s sunscreen station. 

Gold standard poster

Download and print. Learn how to be a SunSmart Secondary school with 8 easy steps.

Being SunSmart in Victoria poster

Being SunSmart in Victoria poster

Download this A3 poster.

Melbourne's RMIT University students generously donated their time and creativity to develop a series of printable posters for use in secondary schools. Pick your favourite to print and post up at your school.