Shade comparison check

What is a shade comparison check?

Our shade comparison check allows you to assess the quality and need for shade at specific sites.

It’s the first step to ensure there is adequate shade to protect as many people as possible using an outdoor space from overexposure to UV. A shade comparison check will explore all possible solutions to reduce UV exposure and is particularly important for outdoor spaces:

  • that cater primarily for children and adolescents, such as early childhood services, schools and playgrounds
  • where people could be exposed to high levels of UV, such as sports venues, parks and pools.

Results of the shade comparison check can be used to:

  • demonstrate the need to improve the level of UV protection
  • seek support and funding to develop new shade
  • plan long-term landscaping and development works to achieve a healthy outdoor space.

How does it work?

The shade comparison check should be conducted during peak UV periods, ideally in summer.

Step 1: Select the site/s at your location that you want to check.

Step 2: Photograph the site/s as you go through the shade check to highlight available shade and areas for improvement.

Step 3: If your shade check location has multiple defined activity sites (for example, a school may have different play zones such as the quadrangle, sports fields, adventure playground, etc.) record information about each site separately. On completion of each site check, you will be given the option to check a new site.

At the end of the shade check you will receive a score out of 27 – the higher the score, the higher the need for shade in that area.

Important: Older devices might not allow the upload of photos (this shade check tool requires devices to use iOS 6.0 or later). If using an older device, it’s a good idea to take photos during the audit, save your report and then add the photos from your desktop.

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