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UV Meters

UV meter and student being SunSmart

UV radiation is the major cause of skin cancer. But if you can’t see or feel UV, how do you know when it is damaging?

Cancer Council's UV Meters give an accurate, visible and local measure of UV radiation in real time, making them a unique educational and safety tool for educational, sport, community and local government sites. They are designed with their own UV sensor to display the World Health Organization’s UV Index, a numerical scale which shows the UV level and associated skin damage risk. The meters include signage explaining the UV Index numbers and sun protection actions.

Having an accurate measure of UV radiation can help schools, early childhood services, workplaces, sports clubs, community groups and local governments protect their staff and community by prompting people to be SunSmart when UV levels are three and above and sun protection is required.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the meters, please contact Cancer Council WA:

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