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Group of school children wearing sun protective school uniforms
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We all want our students and early childhood community to be able to learn and play outdoors, but as educators we need to support children and families to know the risk of UV.

By teaching sensible sun protection habits from an early age and implementing sun protection measures, schools and early childhood services can play a significant role in reducing skin cancer risk.

Reducing skin cancer risk

UV exposure during childhood has a big impact on skin cancer risk – but it’s almost entirely preventable with good UV protection.

SunSmart recommends early childhood services and schools develop and implement a comprehensive, evidence-informed UV protection policy to reduce UV exposure and encourage the use of all five forms of sun protection

In Victoria, 97% of early childhood services and 90% of primary schools have a written sun protection policy, with research showing they have the greatest number of children and staff protecting themselves from the sun.

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SunSmart sample policies

A SunSmart policy provides clear, evidence-based guidelines that help to minimise UV exposure and skin cancer risk.

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