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Group of school children wearing sun protective school uniforms
Image courtesy of Herald Sun

Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. UV exposure during childhood and adolescence has a big impact on future skin cancer risk.

Reducing UV exposure reduces skin cancer risk.  

The SunSmart Schools and Early Childhood Membership Program started in the early 1990s to help raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and sun protection.

We recommend all early childhood services and schools develop and implement a comprehensive, evidence-based sun protection policy to reduce UV exposure and associated risks.

Almost all Victorian early childhood services (97%) and primary schools (90%) have a written sun protection policy. Research shows schools and services with a written sun protection policy have the greatest number of children and staff protecting themselves from the sun.

All Victorian childcare, family day care, preschools and schools are invited to apply for free SunSmart membership. SunSmart membership is associated with significant improvements in the quality of policies and strategies to reduce sun exposure.

View our listing of some of our current SunSmart members and why they chose to join.

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We reach over 745,000 Victorian children and their families through the iconic SunSmart membership program.

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SunSmart sample policies

A SunSmart policy provides clear, evidence-based guidelines that help to minimise UV exposure and skin cancer risk.

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