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Checking an arm for skin cancer using a dermatoscope

Health professionals play an important role in the prevention, detection and management of skin cancer. We provide education, resources and support for health professionals based on the latest evidence-based cancer information.

The following educational tools and resources for health professionals are intended to provide consistent messages about skin cancer prevention, vitamin D and the early detection and management of skin cancer.

Dermoscopy for Victorian General Practice Program

The Dermoscopy for Victorian General Practice Program has been operating since 2018 thanks to generous donations to Cancer Council Victoria and funding from the Victorian Government.

The program has now provided over 200 Victorian GPs with a fully subsidised handheld dermatoscope and skin cancer training including enrolment to the Australasian College of Dermatologists Practical Dermoscopy course.

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Online education for health professionals

The Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer in General Practice

A six-hour online Active Learning Module will guide GPs through the epidemiology of skin cancers in Australia, skin cancer prevention, UV, vitamin D awareness, along with the diagnosis and management of skin cancers.

This education is also available as three separate two-hour activities:

Points: RACGP: 40 Category 1 CPD points, ACRRM: 30 PRPD points, RCNA: 6 CNE points (Six hours)

Resources for your practice

SunSmart offers a reference card providing information on skin cancer detection methods, treatment, prevention and contact details for Victorian melanoma services.

To order resources for your practice, please contact SunSmart at with your request.

SunSmart widget

A widget added to your website enables you to access information without having to open a specific application. In this case, the free SunSmart widget provides you with the UV levels and sun protection times for your location without having to open the SunSmart app.

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Clinical guidelines and helpful links

Calculate your patient's risk of melanoma within the next five years with the Alfred Health melanoma risk calculator for health professionals.

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