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Victoria’s SunSmart members have helped make a difference with melanoma rates stabilising or declining in all age groups under 60 years.

With approximately 90% of early childhood services and primary schools and a growing number of secondary schools joining us, collectively we reach over 695,000 Victorian children and their families.

View our listing of some of our current members and why they chose to join.

The SunSmart Schools Program was introduced by Cancer Council Victoria in 1994, with the Early Childhood Program following in 1996. Prior to this only 19% of primary schools reported hat wearing, and only 2% of preschools reported hats being available. Today we are proud to report that 100% of early childhood services and primary schools report hat wearing!

With childhood and adolescence being critical times for reducing risk of skin cancer later in life, we're encouraging all secondary schools to join early childhood services and primary schools in helping us protect the next generation. 

Together we can save lives!

Why become a SunSmart member?

SunSmart membership is free and:

  • helps you meet your regulatory and duty of care requirements in sun protection
  • helps you meet your OHS obligations in UV risk reduction for staff
  • ensures your policy has been developed, reviewed and approved by SunSmart and Cancer Council Victoria, world leaders in skin cancer prevention
  • helps achieve advanced standing in the Victorian Government and Cancer Council Victoria’s Achievement Program

SunSmart member resources

We are SunSmart sign

SunSmart members receive:

  • a ‘We are SunSmart’ metal member sign to display on your building
  • a member certificate and e-badge to add to your website and newsletters
  • inclusion in the online SunSmart member listing
  • an opportunity to promote your new membership in local and social media
  • access to current evidence-based information, resources, advice and support
  • family information (brochures, information sheets, orientation support)
  • free staff professional development training
  • notifications about SunSmart updates, policy changes, new resources and possible grant opportunities.

How to become a SunSmart member

A SunSmart membership is free. We want to encourage membership as together we can protect the next generation and ultimately save lives! 

  1. Please complete the online application and attach a copy of your sun protection policy. If you don’t have a SunSmart/sun protection policy or need to update your current version, take a look at our  sample SunSmart policies. 
  2. We’ll review the application and policy and provide any feedback or suggested updates.
  3. Once approved, keep an eye on the post for your SunSmart membership pack and get ready to proudly display your ‘We are SunSmart’ sign!

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If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

OSHC services are not currently eligible for SunSmart membership. As part of national quality standards, OSHC services are required to have a written sun protection policy and adequate shade in the outdoor play space. To help, SunSmart has developed a  sample sun protection policy for OSHC and vacation care services to adapt and use.

Join the Achievement Program

You can continue your commitment to health and wellbeing by joining the Achievement Program. Your school or service will be recognised for the work you have completed with SunSmart and receive tools, resources and guidance to improve healthy practices in other areas, such as healthy eating and oral health, physical activity and mental health and wellbeing.

For more information visit the Achievement Program website or call 1300 721 682.