When it comes to UV, everyone should play defence!

Try these winning sun protection tips to help keep you game-ready for many seasons of play.

  1. SLIP on clothing that covers as much skin as possible during play and training sessions. Grab a cool, light long-sleeve t-shirt made of densely woven fabric (preferably rated UPF50+) in your club block colour to layer under your netball singlet or dress and positional bib. 
  2. SLOP on SPF50+ broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen to any exposed skin at least 20 minutes before play starts. Look for a dry touch or active formula that won’t be greasy for easy ball handling.  Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly if you’re working up a sweat (or at least every two hours), so put some in your sports bag for later. Hydration breaks and half-time provide the perfect opportunities to reapply.
  3. SLAP on a bucket or wide brim hat whenever possible to protect your face, neck and ears from the constant UV.
  4. SEEK SHADE: Whether you are practising, warming-up or playing, take advantage of shady breaks whenever you can. Hydrate in the shade and find shady spots when off the court. Try to schedule training and games earlier in the morning or later in the day when the sun’s UV isn’t as intense.
  5. SLIDE ON SUNGLASSES: Outdoor netball courts can reflect high levels of UV. Bring sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV and cut the sun's glare to make sure you never miss any of the action. For best protection, look for wrap-around sunglasses which meet the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1067) labelled catergory 2 or EPF 9 or 10.

Encourage spectators to BYO sun protection gear and find shady spots to watch the game.