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Generation SunSmart

Learn about: skin cancer, being SunSmart, and how to incorporate sun protection strategies into your day to day activities. A certificate will be emailed upon completion.

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All about sunscreen 

View the online webinar (1:00:58)

Download Dr Spada’s presentation

In this webinar, sunscreen expert Dr Fabrizio Spada, Scientific Affairs Manager at Ego Pharmaceuticals and member of the Sunscreen Working Group at Consumer Healthcare Products Australia, shares his extensive sunscreen knowledge and answers the many questions we have about slopping on sunscreen, including:

  • What is sunscreen?
  • How does sunscreen actually work?
  • Do we really need sunscreen? Why?
  • How do we know which sunscreen is safe/good to use?
  • SPF 30, 50, 50+ what does it all mean?
  • Who should apply sunscreen?
  • How should we apply sunscreen and how much do we need?
  • When should we apply and reapply sunscreen?

Outdoor learning – the how and why

View the online webinar (59: 42)

When it comes to being outdoors at primary schools:

  • What are the benefits of outdoor learning in primary school settings?
  • What are some top tips for designing and creating quality outdoor learning spaces?
  • How do we learn outdoors in a sun safe way?


All about trees

View the online webinar (1:06:49)

In this webinar, tree expert Dr Greg Moore, Senior Research Associate at the University of Melbourne, discusses the many health, environmental and economic benefits of trees. Greg also provides practical tips on:

  • how to get started with greening our schools and early childhood spaces
  • which trees are best
  • how we should look after trees.