When you cover things, they last longer. Same goes for you.

Be SunSmart. Save your Skin.

Same goes for you

It’s the people in your life that matter most in this world. Your family and friends who would give anything to keep you around.

Sadly, skin cancer kills twice as many men as women each year.

The good news is, if you cover something it lasts longer. The rule applies to ‘things’ like your car, your deck and your barbecue. It also applies to your skin – at any age.

Give those you love the one thing they want – more time with you. Learn how easy it is to cover up.


Protect your skin

Personal stories

Getting skin cancer removed is not always 'simple'.

Just ask Warren and Boyd.

Watch stories

Faces of people who have stories

Our research tells us that many guys think they 'already know it all' when it comes to sun protection and skin cancer. We think that sometimes you don't know what you don't know.

It's the UV you need to worry about. NOT HEAT

Here's what else you might not know.

Skin tone doesn't give you a free pass

Skin cancer can affect anyone. That means you too.

That dodgy spot could become deadly quickly

You'd send your mate to the GP – take your own advice.

Outdoor workers are at high risk

Constant outdoor exposure at any UV level is dangerous.

Fellas, 5 key things you should know

Overcoming common myths.

Forget to cover up?

The free SunSmart app can help.


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