The sooner skin cancer is found, the easier it is to treat. If you see anything new or changing on your skin, go to the GP.

Don't delay. Save your skin.

You’d tell your friends and family to go to the GP ASAP to get a dodgy spot on their skin checked. Their health and well-being are everything to you.

Now it’s time to take your own advice.

In 2019 nearly 300 Victorians died from melanoma; twice as many men as women.

The most aggressive forms of melanoma can spread to vital organs like the brain, liver and lungs quicker than you think. Finding skin cancer early gives you the best chance of survival and reduces the need for invasive treatment and surgery.

Get to know your skin and what’s normal for you. If you find anything new or changing, don’t delay, see your GP immediately.

Don't delay. Save your skin.


There's more to skin cancer than meets the eye. Learn more about skin cancer below.   

GPs are at the frontline in prevention, detection and management of most skin cancers. If you’re a GP (or health professional who engages with skin cancer prevention and early detection), visit our health professionals page for supporting education, resources and support.