Outdoor workplaces

Australians working outdoors receive between five and 10 times the UV exposure of indoor workers.

It's the sun's UV – not heat – that causes sunburn and skin damage. UV can't be seen or felt so you don't know when your skin is being damaged until it's too late. Damage from UV exposure adds up over time so the more you're exposed, the greater your risk of skin cancer.

That's why it's important to protect your skin all year round when working outdoors.

UV is a workplace hazard for all outdoor workers every day of the year. Don't just wait for summer to raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and early detection.

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Construction workers

Just 8% of outdoor construction workers are considered to be adequately protected from UV.

Agricultural, farming & horticultural workers

99% of agriculture workers are exposed to UV radiation, yet only 10% are considered adequately protected.

Marine & fishery workers

Fishing and marine workers typically have high levels of occupational UV radiation exposure.

Transport workers

Damage to your skin can still occur if you spend long periods of time in the car so sun protection is needed if driving for long stretches.