2022 media releases

Concern over rural melanoma rates leads to a call for improved sun protection practices

Friday 16 December 2022
New Cancer Council Victoria research confirms that men aren't using enough sun protection, putting them at risk of developing melanoma, the fifth most common cancer in Victoria.

SunSmart urges Victorians don't fooled by grey skies as UV levels remain high

Wednesday 16 November 2022
SunSmart is warning all Victorians that ultraviolet radiation (UV) levels are still ‘very high’ and putting people at risk despite the State recording high rainfall and cooler temperatures.

Australian innovation goes global to fight skin cancer at the touch of a button

Wednesday 22 June 2022
A collection of Australian organisations has come together with the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the International Labour Organization (ILO) to develop a world-leading sun protection intervention, the SunSmart Global UV app.

Regional Victorian locals urged to get to know their skin

Wednesday 1 June 2022
Regional Victorian doctors are encouraging their communities to check their skin for changes this winter and visit their GP as soon as possible if they notice anything unusual.

SunSmart desperately urges Victorians to Slip, Slop, Slap themselves away from emergency departments

Wednesday 2 March 2022
SunSmart is pleading with Victorians not to become complacent with their sun protection, as new data shows 2020–2021 recorded the highest number of sunburn presentations to emergency departments in Victoria since 2016–2017.

Cancer Council strongly urges Australians against aerosol sunscreens – new study shows they are ineffective in typical wind conditions

Sunday 13 February 2022
Cancer Council, along with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, are strongly urging Australians against using aerosol sunscreens for sun protection, after new research into their application efficacy found environmental factors such as wind dramatically lowered the ability of aerosol sunscreen to effectively provide protection against UV radiation.

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