Special content elements


On page load, the class accordionContent is hidden. If an element with the accordionTitle class is clicked, the next element of class accordionContent is shown. etc.

How to add accordions

Select "Insert content element or block" from the icon at the top of the visual editor. From the dropdown, choose accordion. Edit the copy.

If none of this works?

If none of this works, the default is that all the content will be shown as headings and content. A good fallback.

You can have multiple paragraphs in an accodion content div.

Items to note

Heading 3 is the default title. This can be changed like any other heading.

After the elements are added, an extra paragraph with a non breaking space is added so you can click that to edit content outside (after) the content div.


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Adding resource widgets

How to add resource lists throughout the site.

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