Local cricket club hits skin cancer for six!

Monday 25 November, 2013

SunSmart has congratulated St Mary’s Nagle Cricket Club for their winning edge in protection against skin cancer in East Gippsland this summer.

The club is raising awareness of the importance of sun protection amongst its members as summer approaches and the cricket season takes off by working its way through the UV actions of VicHealth’s Healthy Sporting Environments program.

The program, which is available to regional clubs across Victoria, is being undertaken by more than 50 clubs across the Gippsland region and focuses on six health areas including responsible use of alcohol, UV protection, healthy eating, reducing tobacco use, inclusion for all, as well as injury prevention and management.

St Mary’s Nagle Cricket Club also secured a VicHealth Active Club Grant in 2012 to provide extra shade to its members.

SunSmart Manager at Cancer Council Victoria, Sue Heward, said: "Sporting clubs have an integral role to play in the reduction of future skin cancer rates, particularly in role-modelling healthy behaviours to it junior players. Cricket players spend long hours in the sun and being over-exposed to sun as a child can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. By creating lifelong SunSmart habits through education and positive role modelling, St Mary’s Nagle Cricket Club is giving their players a winning edge both on and off the field."

East Gippsland GippSport Program Co-ordinator Matt Ogilvie encourages sporting clubs to get involved. "Whether a club is small or large, this free program can bring real benefit and assist in giving participating clubs the edge," he said. "Initially, it will be invaluable for clubs to assess where they are at and then work to make improvements with ongoing ‘hands on’ assistance from GippSport. The benefits will undoubtedly flow on to both members and the local community."

Any East Gippsland sporting clubs interested in joining or obtaining more information about the Healthy Sporting Environments program should contact Matt Ogilvie on matt@gippsport.com.au T: 5152 6559 M: 0428 543 403.

For more information about UV, sun protection and skin cancer, visit sunsmart.com.au

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