Hume Council has a perfect SunSmart score!

Monday 28 October, 2013

100% of Hume Council-managed preschools and childcare centres are registered SunSmart members proving Hume Council has the perfect score when it comes to being SunSmart.

SunSmart Manager, Sue Heward, congratulated Hume Council’s outstanding efforts.

“We are delighted with the incredible progress that Hume Council has made over the past 17 years, since Dobell Avenue Preschool in Sunbury joined the program in October 1996. Early childhood education plays an integral role in the reduction of future skin cancer rates given that sun exposure in the first 15 years has a significant impact on the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. Hume council-managed services are playing a big role in helping to reduce future skin cancer rates by providing a sun safe environment and promoting SunSmart behaviours.”

Director City Communities Margarita Caddick said: “This award is a great recognition of our commitment to improving health and wellbeing in Hume. It is frightening to think that two in three Australians develop some form of skin cancer before the age of 70, but we proud to be preventing skin cancer and reduce those statistics. Our sun protection policy follows current recommendations of the SunSmart Program and we are diligent about living that policy in our everyday activities.”

80% of Victorian preschools, childcare centres and family day care services and 90% of Victorian primary schools now participate in the SunSmart program, which is higher than any of the other states.

SunSmart promotes a healthy sun exposure balance to help with vitamin D and minimise skin cancer risk. The SunSmart UV Alert is a useful tool as it indicates daily local sun protection times and weather details. It is available as a free SunSmart app, at and in the weather section of the Herald Sun.

SunSmart members ensure children and educators engage in sun safe outdoor play by following the five SunSmart steps during the daily sun protection times.

1. Slip on covering clothing.

2. Slop on SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen.

3. Slap on a sun protective hat.

4. Seek shade.

5. Slide on sunglasses labelled AS 1067.

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