SunSmart copyright permission

Thanks for your interest in using our brand and Intellectual Property (IP) to help share the SunSmart message. We are a not-for-profit organisation leading the world in skin cancer prevention. The brand has a high level of integrity and we take careful steps to protect our voice of authority and credibility.

If possible, please endeavour to link to the SunSmart website rather than reproduce our content. However, if this is not appropriate please submit your request below.

Please note

  • IP refers to any SunSmart branding, icons, phrases, website content, catch-cries, videos or images, e.g. Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide catch cry and Sid the Seagull.
  • Permission will not be granted for use of IP in a commercial environment or for commercial gain.
  • Permission is not required to link to our website or videos on YouTube. Please simply acknowledge SunSmart accordingly.
  • Resources freely available for download on our website do not require permission.

Please be specific including URLs.

Please be specific as to how the IP will be used, what you’re hoping to achieve by using it and how it will be distributed.

E.g. Victoria only, Australia wide, etc.

Will the IP be associated with a commercial environment or linked to commercial gain in any way?

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