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Cancer Council Victoria provides education, resources and support for health professionals based on the latest evidence-based cancer information.

The following educational tools and resources for health professionals are intended to provide consistent messages about skin cancer prevention, vitamin D and the early detection and management of skin cancer.

What’s new?

Melanoma & skin cancer GP reference card

Melanoma & skin cancer GP reference card

SunSmart, supported by the Australasian College of Dermatologists, offers a reference card providing information on skin cancer detection methods, treatment, prevention and contact details for Victorian melanoma services.

Online education for health professionals 

Skin Cancer Prevention and Vitamin D
A one-hour online activity guiding GPs through the epidemiology of skin cancers in Australia, prevention and diagnosis of skin cancer and vitamin D management. This resource is suitable for Australian GPs and health professionals, and is accredited with RACGP (2 points) and ACRRM (1 point).

The Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer in General Practice
A six-hour online Active Learning Module will guide GPs through the epidemiology of skin cancers in Australia,  skin cancer prevention, a balanced approach to UV,  vitamin D  awareness along with the diagnosis and management of skin cancers.

This education is also available as three separate two-hour activities:
Biopsy techniques, skin cancer prevention and vitamin D
Diagnosis and management of non-melanoma skin cancer
Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma

Points: RACGP: 40 Category 1 CPD points, ACRRM: 30 PRPD points, RCNA: 6 CNE points (Six hours)

Resources for your practice

To order resources for your practice, please contact SunSmart at with your request.

Resources for Health Professionals

Clinical guidelines & helpful links

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma (and related lesions): a guide to clinical management in Australia 
Guidelines providing evidence-based documentation to assist in sound decision making. Developed by the Australian Cancer Network in 2008.

Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanoma
(Currently under review)

Position statement: Sun exposure and Vitamin D – Risks and benefits
Developed by Cancer Council Australia, the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society, Osteoporosis Australia, Endocrine Australia and the Australasian College of Dermatologists.

Low vitamin D in Victoria: Key health messages for doctors, nurses and allied health

NPS Medicine Wise Fact Sheet – Vitamin D tests

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