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"Working outdoors increases your skin cancer risk by up to 10 times."

Under Victorian health and safety legislation, employers and their workers each need to take steps to reduce UV radiation risks at work. SunSmart can help you to meet these legal requirements and protect your staff and yourself with:

  • UV safety training for staff
  • Training and support for health and safety professionals
  • Best practice resources for staff, manager, self-employer and OHS teams.

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UV Safety Training

SunSmart offers interactive training sessions for workplaces across Victoria covering everything you need to know about UV radiation, skin cancer and sun protection.

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Staff training costs

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What other training and education options are available?

For health and safety professionals

SunSmart presents to health and safety professionals at working groups, network meetings and safety forums to help you feel confident to address UV radiation hazards in your workplace. To find out more please contact SunSmart on (03) 9514 6419.

For self-employed people

If you’re self-employed, it's in your best interest to look after yourself and use a combination of sun protection measures. Tax deductions are available for sun protection products if you are required to work outside. Talk to your tax advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61 or

For more information email or call 03 9514 6419.

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UV Safety Training

Up-to-date and evidence based information on UV radiation, skin cancer and sun protection.

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