UV. It All Adds Up

“Anywhere you go UV will damage unprotected skin. And it just keeps adding up.”

It’s not just regular tanners or sunbakers who are at risk of skin cancer.

Your skin is like a memory bank – it remembers all the sunburns, all the tans and all the time you spent exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, without sun protection.

Every time you expose your skin to UV radiation, changes take place in the structure and function of your skin cells. You can’t always see the damage, but it is irreversible and will worsen with every exposure.

Over time, this skin damage can result in premature ageing, eye damage, sunspots, and at worst, skin cancer.

Once a skin cancer has developed, the damaged cells can spread through the bloodstream to other areas of the body.

About the campaign

UV. It all adds up is a new campaign from SunSmart that aims to increase awareness of the risk of developing skin cancer through incidental exposure to UV radiation, and reinforce awareness of effective sun protection behaviours.

Filmed in Melbourne, the advertisements are a shift away from the iconic summer beach scene, so often associated with sun protection and skin cancer campaigns.

UV. It all adds up warns of the danger of ‘incidental’ sun exposure, challenging the idea that it is only tanners or those with visible signs of sun damage that get skin cancer.

SunSmart will implement the UV. It all adds up campaign for the first time in Victoria during the summer of 2015–16, with funding from the Victorian State Government and VicHealth.

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