Tattoo was produced in response to evidence that many young Australians think they are safe if they tan but don't burn and that a tan looks 'attractive' and ‘healthy'. The advertisement carries the tagline 'Skin cancer – it's killer body art'.

The target group for this advertisement was 17–24 year olds. When focus tested among this group, the advertisement was considered credible and the tattoo was regarded as a symbol of youth culture. Importantly, most of the participants said it would make them think about their tanning behaviours.

The campaign, launched during National Skin Cancer Action Week in November 2003, used television, radio and additional promotional material, such as posters for community health settings and a resource kit for secondary school teachers of health, media studies, english and personal development. The kit included a curriculum book and video, which featured The Making of Tattoo , a documentary about the making of the advertisement.

The television and radio advertisement went to air in January 2004 and again in January 2005 with a total budget of $390,000 over the two years.

The awareness levels of the advertisement when researched in 2005 found that 71% of those interviewed remembered seeing the Tattoo advertisement and 78% thought it would influence their tanning behaviour.

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