1. What is the SunSmart Global UV app?

    The SunSmart Global UV app has been developed by world leading health, radiation and weather organisations. It provides local UV alerts enabling users to make informed decisions about when to use sun protection wherever they are in the world.

  2. How does the app work?

    The app uses forecast UV data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) via its Copernicus data feed.

    Users are able to access the daily UV forecast information for their specific location via a prominent display on the home screen (via a lock-screen widget) and / or through push notifications providing daily alerts.

  3. What is the benefit of the app?

    The app empowers users anywhere in the world to be informed of when sun protection is required, and when it is not. It does this by:

    • communicating the UV Index and sun protection measures in a way that’s easy to understand
    • prompting people to adopt sun protection behaviours when the UV Index is 3 and above


  4. What are the key features of the SunSmart Global UV app?

    The key features of the app include:

    • daily UV alerts for the local area including sun protection times
    • 5-day forecast including UV and weather forecast
    • access to the forecast UV level and sun protection times anywhere in the world.