When to use sun protection

Image courtesy of Queensland Health

Sun protection is recommended whenever UV levels reach 3 or higher. Because you cannot see or feel UV, you can’t rely on your senses to let you know when you’re in danger. Don’t just wait for hot or sunny days. UV can reach you on cool and cloudy days too.

Check the free SunSmart app  or SunSmart website each day for the recommended sun protection times. The sun protection times are a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time of day UV levels are expected to reach 3 or higher. At these levels, sun protection is recommended for all skin types. In Victoria, UV levels regularly reach 3 or higher from mid-August to the end of April.

Sun protection should not only be used during terms one and four. Please make sure your child’s school or pre-school is using sun protection beyond these two terms.

Find out more about UV levels and sun protection times.

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