Slap on a hat

Choose a hat that shades the head, face, eyes, ears and neck. Bucket, wide-brimmed or legionnaire hats are best. Baseball caps do not offer enough protection and are not recommended.

Hat styles

  • For babies, choose a fabric that will crumple easily when they put their head down.
  • For younger children choose a hat size that is proportional to the size of the child’s head and provides shade across the face and neck areas.
  • For older children, a bucket hat should have a deep crown and angled brim which is at least 6cm. A wide brimmed hat should have a brim that is at least 7.5cm. The side flap and front peak of a legionnaire hat should meet to protect the side of the face.
  • Hats that can be adjusted at the crown are best. If the hat is secured with a long strap and toggle, ensure it has a safety snap, place the strap at the back of the head or trim the length so it doesn’t become a choking hazard.

Many children do not like to wear hats. Persistence is needed to teach them that a hat is part of their outside routine. Children are more likely to wear their hat if adults do too.

Tips for choosing a hat

A note about head lice

Head lice have not been found to live in hats because hats do not provide the right conditions for head lice to thrive and survive. For more information see Department of Health – Head Lice and Better Health Channel .

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