Seek shade

Shade is an important sun protection tool for all ages. In particular, babies under 12 months have very sensitive skin and should always be kept out of direct sunlight.

Shade tips

  • The shade moves with the sun, so be prepared to move around a bit and follow the shade.
  • Trees with dense foliage with a dark, even shade patch are the best types of natural shade.
  • Take portable shade with you to make sure you will not be caught out. Consider a beach or market umbrella or shade tent. 
  • Use a shade visor or hang a light blanket over the side windows in the car. Side and back windows don’t offer as much protection as the front windscreen.
  • When buying a pram, check that the hood can be adjusted, so that it can be moved to block out the direct sun. For the best protection, pram shade covers should completely cover the pram and be made of densely woven fabric that combines a mesh section – so the baby can see and air can circulate – and a shade fabric section. The fabric section should block close to 100% of UV radiation (UPF50+) and the mesh section should block at least 70% of UV radiation (UPF3.3).
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