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Involving students in sun protection policy development at Camperdown College

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Watch this video to see how Camperdown College engaged their whole school to become SunSmart


See how Camperdown College is SunSmart


Camperdown College creates their sun protection policy using their whole school community

Camperdown College, located in the Western Victorian region, was inspired to be a force of change for their students and school community by developing and implementing a sun protection policy. Following this process, the school then became a SunSmart member to strengthen its sun protection behaviours to reduce their students’ risk of ultraviolet (UV) radiation harm.

Acting School Principal, Vicki Angus, says that the College saw it as their role to be protecting and educating students about the harm from UV and saw it as an opportunity to involve students in the decision-making process.

"I think it’s a no-brainer, get your students involved and make sure they play an integral role in not only developing but pushing out the policy,” Mrs Angus said.

Camperdown College accessed the free SunSmart school policy template and available resources and to help develop their sun protection policy.

Their primary and secondary campuses now have a sun protection policy that meets the SunSmart recommendations and guidelines to reduce UV exposure and skin cancer risk for all students and staff.

Their sun protection policy is owned by the entire Camperdown College school community. Students and staff have a role in its implementation and ongoing success with messages to both students and staff on how to maintain their SunSmart behaviours.

Here’s how Camperdown College became SunSmart:

  1. Started investigating how to implement a sun protection policy and accessed the free SunSmart school policy template and resources.
  2. Invited their Student Voice representatives, a school nurse, Health Promoters from Southwest Healthcare and the Camperdown School Council to develop a sun protection policy.
  3. In late 2019, finalised and implemented their sun protection policy and engaged students and staff to support the changes.
  4. Provided all students with a free hat, which features their school house colour on the reverse side. Camperdown College also implemented a “no hats – no outside” strategy as part of their sun protection policy.
  5. Installed shade cloths and utilised shaded areas.
  6. Provides sunscreen throughout the school for students and staff.
  7. Posts daily sun protection times and UV levels on a noticeboard facing into the school yard.
  8. Installed a SunSmart notice board that reminds staff and students of SunSmart behaviours which include wearing a hat, sunscreen, protective clothing, sunglasses and seeking shade.
  9. Joined as a SunSmart school member in 2020.

What is a SunSmart sun protection school policy?

A SunSmart school policy provides clear, evidence-informed recommendations and guidelines that address sun protective behaviours, environments and learning to minimise UV exposure and skin cancer risk that can be used in a school setting.

SunSmart encourages schools to involve staff, students and families in the development and ongoing review and updates of a school’s sun protection policy. This way, the policy can be tailored and will reflect a school’s own community, which will help increase engagement with sun protection in the school.

View the SunSmart school sample policy and feel free to use it for your school.

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