Why men need to get over their fear of sunscreen

Male putting sunscreen on nose 

Almost 60% of melanomas are diagnosed among Victorian men, and their deaths from the disease are more than twice as high as women.

Coincidentally, nearly half as many men use sunscreen as women, so men are missing out on a vital piece of the sun protection package.

Research has shown we cut our risk of skin cancer when we regularly use an SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen. Even better, studies also show sunscreen (when paired with other sun protection) can cut your risk of cancer at any age, whether you are 20 or 50. It’s never too late.

So why is this cancer-preventing lotion so unpopular among those with a Y-chromosome?

It’s time to get over it fellas, and do something to help prevent skin cancer happening to you.

March on down to your local supermarket or chemist and check out the range. There’s a sunscreen these days to suit everyone – non-greasy, mark-free formulas that are designed especially for the modern man.

Find one you like – one you’ll actually use – and make sure you take it with you everywhere.

If you really struggle with this task, consider a summer wardrobe of long shirts and pants (think cottons and linens that won’t have you roasting). This doesn’t mean you can forego the sunscreen completely, but at least you’ll have less exposed skin that needs protecting.

Challenge yourself to apply sunscreen each and every day – make it easier by using the SunSmart app notifications to remind you when the sun protection times start at your location, and to top up your application every two hours.

It’s a small step, buta healthy one and – when you add clothing, a hat, sunnies and shade – one to help you avoid the burn this summer.

Keep these habits going and you can also make sure you don’t become another male skin cancer statistic.

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