Shade audit

SunSmart's shade audit tool allows you to assess the quality and need for shade at various sites within your location. The audit results will help you determine where shade improvements need to be made, after which you can start to explore solutions for reducing UV exposure such as changing the way the site is used, making existing shaded areas more appealing or embarking on new shade development.

Step 1: Select the site/s at your location that you want to audit.

Step 2:  Photograph the site/s as you go through the audit in order to highlight available shade and areas for improvement.

Step 3: If your audit location has multiple defined activity sites (for example, a school may have different play zones such as the quadrangle, sports fields, adventure playground, etc.) record information about each site separately. On completion of each site audit, you will be given the option to audit a new site.

Important: Older devices might not allow the upload of photos (this shade audit tool requires devices to use iOS 6.0 or later). If using an older device, it’s a good idea to take separate photos during the audit, and then update your report with these photos at a later time from your desktop. You can save the audit without the images and add the photos later from a desktop.

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Shade structure

Shade at the beach

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