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Events and festival organisers have a duty of care to the people who attend their event or festival, including any staff or volunteers. This is why UV radiation risks need to be considered as part of safety and risk management planing and through the event.

Listed below are some simple strategies to assist event organisers to meet their legally mandated safety requirements and help protect staff, volunteers and festival patrons from skin and eye damage, and ultimately, skin cancer.

How to hold a SunSmart event


  • Planning:  Use the SunSmart festivals and outdoor events checklist to help with the planning and smooth running of a sun safe event.
  • Timing:  Where possible, schedule your event for early morning or late afternoon/evening to avoid peak UV times.
  • Location:  Use the Shade Audit Tool to assess the quality of shade at your proposed event location and identify strategies for taking advantage of existing shade spaces and/or portable shade structures.
  • Training:  Train staff and volunteers to understand UV radiation risks at work and how they can reduce their UV exposure with good sun protection. If you provide uniforms, ensure they meet sun protection guidelines. Find more information on providing a safe working environment here .
  • Messaging:  Remind patrons to bring along appropriate sun protection via pre-event bulletins, website banners, event guides and social media. 

On the day

  • Sun protection times:  Have the daily sun protection times on display via  signage or by adding the free SunSmart widget to your event website.
  • Sunscreen provision:  Make provisions for sunscreen to be sold or made available at your event. Contact a local sunscreen retailer, such as a pharmacy or supermarket, who may like to support your event with sunscreen . Sunscreen may be tax deductible for staff .
  • Role modelling:  Encourage staff and volunteers to role model SunSmart practices and invite performers to promote the sun protection message during festival sets.
  • Big screens:  Play the Sid Seagull TVC during appropriate breaks in the event proceedings to remind patrons about sun protection.
  • PA announcements:  Play SunSmart’s pre-recorded public announcements over a loudspeaker during the event to remind patrons to use and reapply sun protection.
  • Resources:  Create a display of SunSmart resources including brochures, posters and magnet cards.

Please note, as a not-for-profit program, SunSmart does not have resources to be able to provide free sunscreen or shade for community events.

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These guidelines can be used by individuals, organisations and local governments wanting to increase availability of quality shade in a range of settings.
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SunSmart pre-recorded announcements

- Community messages: Message 1 Message 2 Message 3

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